Our Eyewear

Nature friendly

Our goal is to create a product that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We believe a good product will deepen our relationship with others and with nature.

Photo by Edward Burtynsky
SOCAR Oil Fields #10
Baku, Azerbaijan, 2006

Not everyone can live in the woods, but we can all live with wood

Every tree that is cut for productivity and creativity, deserves a new life. Our goal is to continue our research and development by localizing our resources, and only use trees that were thinned out of the forest or lumbered through sustainable forestry.

Sunglasses for the outdoors

Our world is filled with wonder and discoveries. Not only as a functional product to protect your eyes from the sun, we hope our product enhances the human experience.


A new life

Our wooden frames are named after species that have gone extinct. We will never see these animals again, but we can remember them and raise awareness. The illustration is a drawing of a Moa bird.

Moa Frames

A product to pass down

We believe in creating products that can be passed down through generations. A product that last a long time, is not only a manifestation of excellence, but a object with a rooted connection to the user. We hope to bring you a product that grows through your life journey.

No metal wooden case

Every pair is unique

Every frame is numbered in the order they were made. Since our frames are handmade and every piece of wood has a different appearance and characteristic, every frame we make is unique. 

Dodo Frames

Natural Materials

A Sustainable Business