The climb

We took a hike up Mt. Myoko.

Mt. Myoko is about 2500 meters tall, and the hike takes about 4 hours to ascend, and 4 hours to descend. September in the valley is still late summer, but in the mountains foliage was in full vibrancy. A wide range of warm colors, vivid and subtle, each plant and each tree in its own moment of growth and transition.

day and MarielaDay and Mariela at the summit of Mt. Myoko

I hiked with Mariela Alvarez-Toro and Day Jimenez, my dear friends that I met from attending architecture school at Cornell University. They are both extremely talented and creative, and reside in New York City. Mariela recently published her first book ‘Coseena’, a beautiful recipe book that illustrates her insight in living a healthy life.

Coseena"Coseena" Recipe book by Mariela Alvarez-Toro

3 years ago, I picked up a book titled “Let my people go surfing” written by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the out door company Patagonia. In his writing he mentioned the importance of testing the products made in extreme conditions. If they can withstand the weather and climate of extremely conditions, they will work well in everyday life. Since then, I bring the eyewear everywhere I go, testing its limits, most of the time to find a problem to be solved. However, recently our eyewear seems to be able to withstand climates of different conditions.

moaSunglasses "Moa" <see product>

DodoSunglasses "Dodo" <see product>

It is always great to travel with friends. Memories and happiness are best remembered when they are shared. Crisscrossing in and out of each other’s lives, each time with something new, something fresh – growing and aging together.

Life is truly packed with wonder. The unknown always greater than the known.

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day in the MeadowDay in the meadow

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