Words sweet like honey

Kana Inoue, Jyanga and Rosy

Our mind and its genuine features is one with magnificent and beautiful qualities that enables us to carry out what we do. The way we treat each other, the type of conversations we have with each other, is all determined by what we choose to surround ourselves with both in the physical and psychological realm. 

Kana always reminds me the importance of the words we use. I say words are gifts, and she tells me to make the gifts sweet like honey. Although I am still in my early 30's I am confidant to say that the happiness in my elderly age is determined by the actions and complements I make today. Both to my self and to others. And if indeed, our world is a consequence of human activities and occurrences, it would be fun to nurture a social and conversational landscape that is sweet like honey. 

Good design comes from our relationships with people and our world. The genuine unselfish relationship with the entities of focus, will allow us to see what to design and what not to design. Our conversations and the words we use is also a subject of design. Even to our dogs, we advocate nourishment rather than punishment when we need to get a point across. When we choose to have conversations with those that do not speak the same language, we must focus on the tones we use and the simplicity of sound. 

Words sweet like honey - Our world can use more of that.

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