To work together means getting your living on together

Kayne K. Ikeda and Myuze Marley

Our mother always emphasized the importance of family. She repeatedly reminded us that love was respect, and though we may encounter moments of differences, we must talk things through until we met on mutual grounds. Our experiences craft how our minds work, and what we choose to think is what we choose to seek. At Yaitopalé we think love, health, beauty and creativity. All the positive aspects our life offers us. Thus, that is what we seek, and that is what we must address when we design.

As our world continues to experience moments of turbulence, it becomes ever important to seek the positives in each other, and the positives in our world. This starts simply with the people that are close and those we work with everyday. Staying focused on subjects that are definite, and not trivial.

It is truly a gift to be able to work with those that we love. To be able to place our trust in each other, and be able to complement each others weaknesses with our own strength.
I am truly grateful to everyone that I have worked with and everyone that still chooses to work with me. I hope our relationships with each other, with our companies, and with our communities grow like a fruit tree - bringing beauty and fruition as we progress through time.

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