Photo Gallery

Our eyewear is a product of relationships, ideas, hardship, and the result of unconditional support from family, friends, and our customers. The story of our history can be seen in the things we make. Our aim is to design and manufacture products that connect people from all around the world.

Dodo Yoshito from +veve : Eyewear in the making
Photo by Nico Perez

2013 First completed Yaitopalé eyewear made

2013 Model 1 series

2014 Model 1 - Design Travis Fitch

2013 Model 1 in NYC

2013 First Exhibition in Kyoto @ Cafe Hello

2013 Model 1 Blue.

2014 Custom eyewear A.S.

2013 Model 1 in the making

2014 Custom Eyewear A.Y

2014 Model Traveller

2014 Model Traveller with S.S.I

2015 Bamboo Frames

2015 Custom eyewear with wood patterning

2015 Model Alpine

2015 Model Alpine with T.T.I

2015 Custom eyewear for O.N.

2015 Urushi lacquered eyewear for Museum of Siam

2015 Bamboo frames with F.G.I.

2015 Bamboo frames in Southern Alps

2015 Custom eyewear for K.I.

2015 Eyewear for Visual Tech Optical (Taiwan)

2017 Model Moa with K.K.I.