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Designing the future of tradition

Yaitopalé is a design project focused in designing sustainable eyewear.
We believe a good product is like a good friend. We grow with it, we take care of it, and they are there when we need them. They must enhance our everyday experience.

A sustainable product involves a process of manufacturing that contributes to the well being of our planet. Our frames are made out of bamboo and wood. Both trees and bamboo should be thinned out of the forests to create room for light to come in. This allows for new life to grow, and gives room for neighboring trees to extend its roots and contributes to their growth. Currently, tree harvesting is done mostly by heavy machinery that destroys the ground life in the forests. We aim to only use lumber that is harvested in a gentle matter.

We are able to make many frames out of one tree or bamboo.
We slice the lumber thin, and create plywood that we carve out. The plywood gives the frames the durability it needs for everyday use.

When we design we place a heavy emphasis on detailfunction, and innovationExcellence is mandatory. One innovative approach that interests us is the integration of traditional techniques. Japan and its neighboring countries have a long history of working and living with wood. By allowing traditional practice to be integrated into modern tools and products, we are able to create something unique, beautiful, and authentic. We hope to build on what our ancestors have left us, and design products that bring satisfaction, contentment, and a good story.

We aim to be innovative while supporting and preserving handcrafted enterprises.



持続可能なものづくりとは生産工程そのものが生物多様な豊かな森をつくるものづくりです。ヤイトパレのアイウェアは木や竹で作られています。健康な森の維持するためにも木や竹の間伐はとても大切です。間伐された場所には光が入り込み、新しい生命が育める環境をつくり 、 周囲の木が根っこを伸ばし成長を加担します。 現在、木の伐採と運搬作業は大きな機械を使って行うことが主流ですが、この方法だと森が傷つき、たくさんの生命と生態系が破壊されています。ヤイトパレでは森に優しい方法で間伐された木や竹を使うことを目指しています。




eyewearEyewear being made by +veve (+veve manufactures furniture and products in Kyoto)
Photo by Nico Perez